Create an Abstract Peonies Painting

In this online tutorial, you’ll learn how to create an easy to follow Abstract Peonies on canvas while using acrylic paints. I’ll show you the basics of blending colors in order to create this abstract painting.

This class is great for beginners, as well as seasoned artists who are looking to paint with a bit of a whimsical approach into their art work.

Art Materials

*Stretched Canvas

Preferably between 11x14 to 16x20 inches in size.

*Synthetic Paint Brushes

A) Large flat brush around 1" bristle B) Middle size flat brush C) Small pointy round brush

*Acrylic Paint Colors

Black, White & the Primary Colors (Blue, Red, Yellow)

*A Cup of Water

*Paint Palettes/Paper Plates


*Easel & Apron (Optional)

You can purchase these individual items at your local art supply store or online. We also offer painting kits for your convenience.

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